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River and Loch Iorsa

The Iorsa river runs through the heart of the Dougarie Estate rising in the Western foothills of Caisteal Abhail and flows south, passing through Glen Iorsa and Loch Iorsa before heading west towards Dougarie and eventually to the Kilbrannan Sound, emptying at the north end of Machrie Bay.


The Iorsa is a spate river, offering both salmon and sea trout fishing, and consists of two beats.  The upper beat runs from and includes Loch Iorsa, where a first class boat is available, to the top end of the Gorge Pool.  The lower beat starts there and takes in the rest of the river down to and including the sea pool.  


A hill road, suitable for 4WD vehicles, running parallel to the river provides easy access to every pool.


Fishing is by fly only and is available from the middle of June until the end of October.  


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Sea Fishing & Lobster Potting

The beautiful boathouse situated on the shore in front of Dougarie Lodge houses a 17ft open topped sea boat which is used for sea fishing and lobster potting.



Prices and availability on application.

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